About Celwise

Celwise Group has over the last decade developed a new advanced technology to create a system and process which radically changes the way paper is made and formed. We call this the Celwise Technology (pat.pend).

Thanks to the marriage of many advanced and recent breakthrough technologies which Celwise has applied or developed, the paper making and forming industry is changed forever. What’s impossible for formed or folded paper or pulp is now a reality. What was only possible for plastics can now be done better in paper and molded pulp.

About our technology

The Celwise technology includes all parts of the product manufacturing process.
Celwise Technology is a quantum leap ahead of the existing state-of-the-art fibre moulding technologies, representing the wise use of 21st century technologies to replace the 19th century technology and processes currently standard in pulp fibre forming.
The dynamic results are dramatically evident in several key areas. The material substrates created from the Celwise technology are far superior to current moulded fibre in several aspects.

Environmental Impact

Energy reduction from 25 to 50%

Cost to Manufacture

50% cost reduction

Speed of Production

CelWise System delivers agile and highly accelerated parts throughput thanks to the patented tools


Dramatically improved tensile strength and puncture resistance over current moulded pulp


Greater flexible memory of substrate enables new products to be made in paper

Profiles Possible

System’s tooling and machine interface flexibility encourages greater design flexibility in products that until now been made in plastics

Moisture Resistance

Thermomatrixing of product substrate creates more consistent bonds throughout fibre-matrix

Interesting Facts

One 20cm X 14m tree yields approx

Large moulded pulp coffee cups
Moulded pulp coffee lids
Moulded pulp hamburger boxes
Moulded large pulp meat trays

Ice cream cups

Rendered sample


Rendered sample


Rendered sample

Assorted cups

Rendered sample

Our offer

At Celwise we have developed, own and licence a new and very advanced patented Technology for paper making, moulding and forming (almost any cellulose).
Our sustainable Technology encompasses the Processes, Tooling and Machines required to produce our client’s desired Products. We provide assistance in the product design, development and material solutions for their specific needs.

Simply put, we want to make our Technology available to as many users as possible. Our planet needs this technology… NOW.

To make that possible, we provide the Licenses to clients who can benefit from access to our Tecnology and Knowledge for our paper making and paper forming.

Depending on who you are, our offer is briefly described below.

Manufacturers: Are you interested in dramatically increasing the speed of your product’s production (through-put) and substantially lowering you product’s production costs? How about cost effectively replacing plastic or paper/plastic laminates with sustainable moulded and formed paper? Well, you’ve now found the right place. Celwise Technology will not only significantly increase your production rate and lower your costs, it will also remarkably improve your product’s quality.

Brand Owners: Do you have a current Product which would benefit by being made from sustainable paper? Or, perhaps you may have an idea or vision of something you would like to make in paper. It could be a bottle, cutlery, coffee pod, cup, container, plate or something else…an entirely new application for formed paper. At Celwise we have ideas and solutions for many end-uses of our Technology, but in the end, it’s about your product or idea, and our solutions.

Distributors or End Users: We will gladly help you to find a manufacturer (or become a manufacturer?) of the Products you desire in Celwise’s Technology…We can also help you and your current Product’s Manufacturer to greatly benefit from moving to the Celwise Technology.

At Celwise, we will also run test projects with you to prove that our Technology meet your Product or application needs. With our flexible in-house sampling and production System we have the capability to completely develop your custom solution.

Contact us for further information and a demonstration.